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    Free shipping worldwide through Sunday

    Come check out my works on INPRNT and snag a print!

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    Do it yourself doodler



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    In an attempt to dabble in reverse psychology, we have tried to compile a list of reason why you should NOT pick up jimrugg's book STREET ANGEL from adhousebooks today when you come clear out your box.

    Here’s the list:


    Okay, results are in. There is literally NO REASON YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THIS BOOK.


  7. sophiafosterdimino:

    So happy to be able to contribute to Future52, my friend Alex Griendling's speculative illustration blog. Lots of cool folks have participated also, take a look!

    Thanks for the invite, Alex!

    P.S. Two years ago I contributed to Future52’s previous incarnation, Raygun52. Here’s my piece for that. What a blast from the past ha haha h a

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  8. did my cold dead heart just experience a single beat to the tune of this fresh 80’s breeze?

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